Regress to Progress

Who am I? What is this? Where did I really come from? Jamie Mason Dudley. Born May 16, 1981 at 3:21am at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, MA to Debby and Steve. My mother swore I was a genius (although I can officially and confidently state that I’m NOT). Tied my shoes when I was … Continue reading

Deer Jamie…

Messages, I have learned, come in many different forms. A song that happens to play on the radio or on shuffle mode on the iPod. A quote that perfectly applies to what life is throwing your way at any given moment. A dream that wakes you up and all you can say to yourself is, … Continue reading

Phoenix Rising

I must begin this entry with a sincere shout-out to all of you. I have been overwhelmed these past couple of days with responses, encouragement, and have been stalking my “site stats” to see how many hits I get. (Should I admit to checking hourly?  I’m on vacation, ok?!) Seriously though. Thank you all for … Continue reading

Hello Blogiverse!

Really? A blog? I write now? Hi. Ciao. Hola. Cheerio, mates. Let me introduce you to my latest adventure. Meet “A glorious voyage into the deep, shark-infested waters of the spiritual unknown. No life jackets. No boats. Just me, myself, and I. And my spirit guide(s), of course.” Why, you ask? Well… Ever since I … Continue reading